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Visa Application Form
1Assurance rapatriement de corps.
1Dossier de demande de la CNI et du Passport.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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Address : 2/2, Shanti Niketan , New Delhi-110 021
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Embassy’s Message for the National Community Living in India

algeria-india-bulidingThe Embassy would like to draw the attention of Algerian nationals residing in India regarding the importance of consular registration.

This easiest formality will facilitate your move towards the post. Moreover, this is indispensable for issue of official algerian documents that could be necessary for you (passport , identity card, certified documents).


Révision annuelle de la liste électorale du 01 au 31 octobre 2013

L’Ambassade d’Algérie à New Delhi, informe les ressortissants algériens que, conformément à l’ordonnance portant loi organique relative au régime électoral du 6 mars 1997 et notamment ses articles 11, 16 et 20, que la révision annuelle des listes électorales s’effectuera a partir du 1er au 31 octobre 2013.

Cette démarche concerne particulièrement  les personnes ayant transféré leur dossier, ainsi que les personnes âgées de plus de 18 ans qui ne se sont jamais fait inscrire sur les listes électorales.

Formulaire d’inscription sur la liste électorale 2013. pdf
Du Lundi au Vendredi de 09H00 à 14H00
Les ressortissants immatriculés, qui le souhaitent, peuvent se présenter au siège de la chancellerie pour vérifier leur inscription sur la liste électorale ou appeler au:
Tel : 2411 7586 / 2411.7588 / 2411 7589
FAX : 11.2411 7590
Email : embalgindia@hotmail.com

Algeria-India: Pharmaceutical cooperation on the agenda



Cooperation between Algeria and India in the pharmaceutical field was one of the issues tackled Thursday 5th may in Algiers by Foreign Minister Mourad Medelci and Indian special envoy, Minister for Road Transports and Highways Jitin Prasada.

"We have broached political and economic issues of common interest, including pharmaceutical cooperation," Prasada told reporters following discussions he held with Medelci.

He said he was assigned to convey an official invitation to President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika to take part in the Indian-African summit in Addis Ababa in late May.

Algeria, India to boost bilateral cooperation


The Hindu

Minister for Maghreb and African Affairs Abdelkader Messahel and Indian special envoy, Minister for Road Transports and Highways Jitin Prasada on Thursday 5th april 2011 have expressed the willingness of the two countries to boost cooperation mechanisms the soonest possible.

The meeting enabled the two sides to examine "the long-lasting" relations between Algeria and India, Messahel told the press in the wake of the meeting with the Indian special envoy, adding that "we talked quite frankly about the low volume of commercial exchanges between the two countries

About Algeria's Evolution


The HinduThe Hindu, on April 25, 2011, published an editorial that we at the Embassy of Algeria to New Delhi consider to be biased and inappropriate: it conceals known facts with respect to the political, economic and social situation of Algeria. The Embassy has immense respect for the quality of articles published in, and the history of, this leading newspaper, but wishes to state the following:

We have to also consider reasons other than those mentioned, for Algeria's evolution being different from that of its neighbours.


Communiqué Assurance Rapatriement de Corps


L’Ambassade d’Algérie à New Delhi informe l’ensemble des ressortissants algériens établis en Inde que la Société Nationale d’Assurance (SAA) a entamé la commercialisation de son produit d’assurance en matière de rapatriement des dépouilles des compatriotes décédés à l’étranger.

Algeria announces its re-emergence on the world stage, says Indian magazine "Frontline"


The Algiers International Conference celebrating the 50th anniversary of the adoption by the United Nations (UN) of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples held in December 2010, announced the "re-emergence" of Algeria on the world stage, says the Indian monthly magazine "Frontline" in its edition of January. In an article entitled "With the 50th anniversary celebrations of U.N. Resolution 1514, Algeria announces its re-emergence on the world stage." journalist John Cherian, stressed that the meeting of Algiers "denotes a kind of re-emergence of Algeria internationally." He highlighted the role played by Algeria in favour of causes of the developing countries populations and its "enormous diplomatic and material assistance" to the liberation movements in Southern Africa and to defend the Palestinian cause.

Algerian ONCI Ballet enthralls audiences in India 


The Ballet of the National Office of Culture and Information (ONCI) gave several performances in India, said Friday a communiqué of the Algerian Embassy in India. "Following the Week of Indian Film, held in Algiers from 23 September to 2 October 2010, the halls of the Indian cities of Lucknow, Allahabad, Varanasi and New Delhi, hosted 32 dancers and musicians of the ONCI Ballet from 14 to 22 December 2010, who performed beautiful algeria-india-bulidingchoreographies highlighting the Algerian culture," the source said. The closing show, given on 22 December at Azad Bhavan hall, enthralled the large audience, who discovered some examples of the Algerian traditional dances and appreciate Algeria's rich and diversified cultural heritage, the source added.


The Algerian Ballet in India


Celebration of the Algerian National Day

Algiers conference on UN Resolution 1514: An opportunity to reassert its relevance and validity 


ALGIERS-The international conference held in Algiers on Monday and Tuesday  13th  and 14th  December 2010 to mark the 50th anniversary of the UN Resolution 1514 came to recall now, the relevance and validity of this statement and to consolidate gained independences, Deputy Minister for Maghreb and African Affairs Abdelkader Messahel said Wednesday in Algiers. The Minister, who hosted a press conference on the organization of this event said that the celebration of this declaration having embodied the independence of colonized peoples and countries is an occasion to "recall the relevance and validity of this resolution, today, in the completion of the decolonization process, the consolidation of independence and the validity of its spirit in the sense allowing to formerly colonized countries to play their role in international decision-making.

Afrique-Asie special issue on "Algeria, emerging power", November 2010

algeria-india-bulidingAfrique-Asie magazine devoted in November issue, a file on Algeria, entitled "Algeria, emerging power." In its editorial, the editor of the magazine based in Paris, Majed Nehme, said that Algeria has not only protected itself from the international financial crisis that the world had suffered since 1929, it has also drawn the "essential lessons for the present and the future." The first, he says, is that foreign direct investments (FDIs) "are not the panacea so praised by international organizations to ensure the transition to development." According to him, the foreign investor is constantly, to the pretext of higher and higher attractiveness in demand of more benefits without providing the necessary compensatory measures and terms of technology transfer and job creation ,....

Communiqué à l’adresse des membres de la communauté nationale en Inde

L'Ambassade souhaite appeler l'attention des ressortissants algériens résidents en Inde sur l’entrée en vigueur du passeport biométrique, à compter du 24 novembre 2010.

A cet effet, les titulaires de passeports arrivant à expiration en 2011 sont invités à procéder au renouvellement de leurs titres de voyage avant la date du 24 novembre 2010.

Indian Film Week kicks off in Algiers

algeria-india-bulidingThe Indian Film Week kicked off Thursday evening in Algiers with the screening of a feature-length film released in 1975 and entitled "Sholay" (Fire). During this week-long cultural event, organized as part of the cooperation between India's Embassy and the National Office of Culture and Information (ONCI), there will be a daily screening at El-Mouggar cinema of nine Indian films of different genres and styles,....

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